After taking a photo, a box with the word "EyePet" on it willdrop from the sky and leave behind a blue EyePet egg. The Proffesor tells you to do a health scan on it. the scanner will say "Cold! Warm the egg!" He then tells you to warm the egg. He will then give you a heater and he tells you to move around the egg. But, it then goes red and the Proffersor tells you to blow into the microphone as the red is telling you it is too hot. The egg will turn yellow. The proffersor tells you to encourage your EyePet to come out. You now need to rock the yellow EyePet egg by tilting the PSP. Try to keep the egg in time with the guide. The egg will hop and you'll will hear a crack. The EyePet will giggle and peep out. It will get frightened and go back in. It will peep out again. Again, it will get scared and go back into it's egg and it will start to tremble and shake. Your EyePet will destroy the egg and will take it's first steps. Congratulations!