Showering is a way in the EyePet series to get your pet clean. showering is nessasarry to pass Pet reports and get prizes.

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Rinsing the soap off an EyePet.



This is attached to your Move controller to wash your pet with pounds of water. It is used at the start and after using the shampoo.


The shamppoo is to make your pet's fur clean and free of fleas. You cannot hold T like the shower head, you must rapidly press must use your hands at the right time to bubble up your EyePet.

Hair DryerEdit

This is how you dry your pet. you must move the controller around the pet; as in EyePet and Friends, the guide says "There's nothing worse than a wet EyePet!"


In EyePet and Friends, the items atomaticly switch to the items to wash your EyePet.

Also in EyePet and Friends, you can chose from 4 differnent types of shampoo.